FSC Chain of Custody Certification

What is FSC?

FSC helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC system can help businesses and consumers to choose wood, paper and other forest products such as cork and latex, from well-managed forests and/or verifed and recycled sources.

Why Choose FSC?

We have the highest standards, We set higher standards than any other forest certifcation scheme, giving users the best assurance that FSC-certifed forests are being managed responsibly.

We are respected and credible, We are the preferred certifcation scheme for business and the one most widely used by members of the Fortune 500.

We are recognised, The FSC system is recognised by BREEAM and the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy. We are the only forest certifcation scheme member of ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards.

FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certifcation ensures that FSC materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing, so customers purchasing products sold with FSC claims can be confdent that they are genuinely FSC-certifed.

55%1 of people in the UK recognise the FSC logo.

Why get FSC-Certifed?

FSC certifcation can bring a number of benefts to your business:

Improved market access
Enhanced public image
Corporate Social Responsibility compliance
Meeting customer expectations
Government Procurement Policy compliance
Use of the iconic FSC trademarks an supplementary marketing assets

Who Needs FSC Chain of Custody Certifcation?

Any company involved in the processing or transformation of FSC-certifed products (e.g. manufacturing, repackaging, pack-splitting, relabelling, cutting to size or adding other forestbased components to the product) must be FSC certifed in order to apply an FSC Label to their products and/or sell them with an FSC claim.

Any change of ownership in the supply chain requires Chain of Custody certifcation if the receiving organisation wants to make an FSC claim about their products. Organisations that do not take ownership (legal title) of FSC-certifed products.

(e.g. transport, bindery, sales agent) do not normally need Chain of Custody certifcation. Companies with multiple operating facilities, can apply for multi-site certifcation.

Steps to Becoming FSC-Certifed

• Contact FSC accredited certifcation bodies (and/or small business group schemes if appropriate) to request quotes.

• Submit a certifcation application to the FSC certifcation body of your choice.

• Ensure that an appropriate CoC Management System is in place, in line with the requirements of FSC-STD-40-004.

• Undergo an on-site audit by your chosen certifcation body.

• Gain certifcation approval and receipt of FSC certifcation code (XXX-COC-000000) and Trademark Licence Code (FSC-C000000).


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